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  1. Hello - new guy here. I am new to DrivePool as I have been using Windows Storage Spaces for years and it hasn't really been an issue at all until recently. I'm running into some of the built in limitations of Windows Storage Spaces and my 34TB worth of drives have been limited to 15.9TB. I'm not a tech guy but I understand that it has something to do with using 4K clusters when I set up the system. The frustrating limitation has a resolution but it involved rebuilding my entire volume and losing my data in the process since Windows Storage Spaces formats the drives when the pool is created. So... I'm looking at other options. DrivePool was suggested to me but I want to make sure that, when I set it all up, that the data won't all be lost. I know that DrivePool won't delete the files but I wasn't sure how Storage Spaces manages the data - do I risk losing data when I "separate" the drives and re-pool them? I hope this makes sense what I'm asking... thanks in advance.
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