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  1. I had an access to the file, but the DrivePool did not reveal the problem. How can explain this?
  2. Now I found out that the DP finds the difference in the files when I start manually "Recheck duplication". But why does not he do it automatically? Can the program display its messages in standard Windows notifications?
  3. It is clear that it will be long on large pool, but is there such a function in DrivePool? Repeated the test, I attach screenshots. I access to a file through a pool, but nothing happens. Next, I changed 1.txt file through the pool and saved it. Changes have been applied everywhere. DP did not even swear anywhere, just overwritten the files on the disks. This is normal?
  4. I started Manage Pool -> Re-measure, but after 30 minutes nothing happened. Time is different for files, one for yesterday, another for today. If DrivePool does not see a difference at the binary level, then at least it should see the difference in time?
  5. Good day! I downloaded DrivePool, installed, have questions. Created a pool of 2 disks (E, F). Created a "temp" folder in the pool. Put in the settings of DrivePool x2 to the folder "temp". In the folder "temp" created the file "1.txt". In the file "1.txt" registered the line "123". Next, two tests: 1) On the drive "E" in the hidden folder DrivePool changed the line "123" to "1234" in the file "1.txt" and save. Waited for a long time, nothing happens. 2) I tried changing the name of the file on the disk "E" from "1.txt" to "2.txt", after a while DrivePool scraped files (2 pieces were on "E" and as much on "F"). The question is why, in the first case, DrivePool did not notice that the contents of the file changed and did not inform me in any way suggesting possible actions to resolve the conflict? This is where it is set up or something I do not understand?
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