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  1. Just installed the latest beta. Same result.
  2. I already have a ticket open for some time now.. 1909971
  3. Not sure if that is the same issue. Do you want me to test it anyway?
  4. Still having the "problem". I was really hoping to get this to work... Btw this is on a fresh install of Windows Server 2016.
  5. Well i tried a bunch of random files, and out of nowhere it showed it was read striping, but wasn't able to get it to work again! This feature seems to be a lot temperamental! It would be great if there was a settings to force it on all the time.
  6. Thanks for both of your replies. Yes the 3TB is slightly slower, since its older, it gets around ~110MB/s. I was expecting it to work since they say so in this page: http://blog.covecube.com/2013/05/stablebit-drivepool-2-0-0-256-beta-performance-ui/ they even show it working..( http://blog.covecube.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/read_duplicated.png ) I didn't really tested this before, since a single HDD would hit the 1Gb NIC max speed, but now that i got a 10Gb NIC, i was hoping to get a bit more performance out of this. EDIT: Just tested, copying 3 different files, all of them are duplicated 2x. Drivepool seems to insists in using only the 4TB drive?! (see screenshot, i think i showed all relevant stuff)
  7. Hi I have 1x3TB WD RED + 1x 4TB WD RED, and with read striping enabled, drive pool insists on reading only from the slightly faster 4TB HDD. I'm copying a 6GB file to a RAMDisk, so that is not a bottleneck. I get around 160MB/S with striping enable/disabled, that's the max speed of the 4TB drive. During the transfer i can see for brief moments the 3TB hdd showing up in the performance tab, but it goes away almost instantly! I understand i wont get the total sum of read speed of both HDD, but i expected a improvement, even if only 10MB/s or something, at this time i don't see ANY improvement. OS Windows server 2016 Folder duplication is enabled 2x on the file i was testing.
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