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  1. Yes, there was something wrong in the program. They gave me a newer updated Beta that fixed this issue. http://dl.covecube.com/DrivePoolWindows/beta/download/StableBit.DrivePool_2.2.3.963_x64_BETA.exe
  2. Did you happen to figure out your issue? I am having the exact same issue My files are not being placed on the SSD drive at all. When I turn on the real-time duplication, its slow but does place it on the SSD, but this is defeating the purpose.
  3. I installed Stablebit Drivepool on one computer. I had setup the SSD optimizer, where the setting would be all files would go on the SSD for caching, then overnight balance the pool and send all files from SSD to the pool.. It was working great. I then decided to update my computer to a newer/faster one. I had deactivated computer and installed everything on the new computer. I installed and activated Stablebit, then restarted my computer and installed the drives. The Pool and all drives showed up working well...expect the SSD. No files ever go on the the SSD cache, i have literally tried all options on/off but it refuses to place any files on the SSD. I have real-time duplication off. I balance everyday at 7am I have "File Placement rules respect real-time file placement limints set by the balacing plug-ins" I have all balances turned off, only SSD Optimizer on, with my SSD selected, and all other drives as archive. I included a pic of file transfer and how it goes to my other drive and not the SSD. I would include my log..but do not know where it is located, nor if it may contain personal information.
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