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  1. Hi Christopher, Thanks for getitng back to me. It was Recuva that i tried sadly. No luck with restore previous versions either. I think my mistake was probably running chkdsk. It's prompted me to put a more robust backup solution in place for the future at least though.
  2. I run both Stablebit Drivepool and Stablebit Scanner. I came home yesterday to find my always on server had shutdown, upon rebooting I found that approximately 25% of my files have become corrupted and are reading as 0 byte files. I have run a scan on all drives within stablebit scanner overnight, and one was highlighed as having a corrupt file system. I tried to repair it from within the canner dashboard but that repair failed. I have run chkdsk /F on all drives, and some reported something to do with found free space, but no files have been recovered. Can anyone suggest anything that I could try to repair the files? Some are irreplacable. I have tried running a scan with some recovery software, with little success. It listed 2 files that i could recover on one of the drives (approx 2000 are affected). Thanks in advance - Jim (and apologies if I havent posted this in the correct forum)
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