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  1. Yes, all of the data on every drive is contained within the PoolPart folder on the drive. There are no "found.xxx" folders on any of the drives.
  2. Remeasured once and "Other" went up to 933GB, re-measured again to test and it stayed at 933GB -- but I haven't added/deleted anything more than a few hundred MB from the pool since I initially removed the drive from the pool. There are no 'found' folders on any of the 9 drives in the pool. Thanks, -ars3nic
  3. Well, I re-added the drive and reset Drivepool's settings, and I now have 796GB of "Other", spread among most of the drives. Any easy way to 'clean' that? There's nothing stored outside of the PoolPart folders on any of the drives.
  4. Hey all, I thought I had a pooled drive die completely, so I removed it from the pool and let the pool rebalance. I then determined that it was just a SATA controller that died, so I was going to just re-add that disk to the pool, but now there's 1.4TB of data on it that's already been balanced off. If I re-add it to the pool, can I make DrivePool realize that it's got a bunch of 'extra' duplicates and automatically remove them from drives as needed? Or will I end up having 1.4TB of "Other" taking up space? Because if so, I'll just format this drive before re-adding it. Thanks!
  5. Another year, another necro. Any plans for a DrivePool-specific alternative, if something like that would even be possible? I've got a bunch of 'Linux ISOs' that I'm seeding torrents of, so they need to remain untouched, but I'd like to have them all accessible to Plex in one directory with the ability to delete from one side without affecting the other (just like NTFS hardlinks behave) if I so choose. If I could just tell DP to "tell Windows this file also exists in this directory, and keep it in whichever directory I don't delete it from", it would save me many TBs of pool space haha.
  6. Thanks Christopher! It's submitting right now. Pool is mostly rebuilt by now.
  7. Thanks for your reply! The folders I had set to 3x are still 3x....the contents are only a few GB, so it's not something that would cause many TB of difference by getting reset. Recheck/remeasure results in the same calculations. Quick math suggests that once duplicated it will be back to the size (or very close to it) that it was before, so I think I may be okay there. Yes, real-time duplication is and has been enabled. That's a good point about moving so many files so quickly possibly messing something up -- in hindsight I shouldn't have used a folder in the pool for 'staging' all of those files (definitely wasn't necessary), and should have just let the application copy them into the pool as they're processed.
  8. Hey all, I've been using DrivePool for a year or two now with no issues. Recently I added an 8TB HDD and moved a bunch more data into the pool, to where I was at about 15TB of free space (out of 30TB RAW). Most of my data has 2x duplication, with a few folders set to 3x. Everything was fine until about an hour ago, when I added about 1000 small files (totaling just 15MB) to the pool that were being processed by an application and then automatically moved to a different folder in the pool. About halfway through them, DrivePool suddenly 'lost' all of its duplication, notified me about balancing issues, and the bar at the bottom was yellow and had a warning. Here's a screenshot -- immediately prior to this, just over half of that pie chart was the normal light blue color and I had ~15TB duplicated and ~15TB free. DrivePool is currently reduplicating and rebalancing, and quick math suggests that all my data might still be there.....but what the hell happened?
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