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  1. Hello, When performing tests with as ssd I noticed that the pool shows Bad and is not aligned to 4k Is this normal?
  2. Christpher, First of all, I thought I had already posted this, so it is late! Thank you for your reply, I had an older 2TB WD Black that I designated as a Cache drive which allowed me to transfer the file. I had previously attempted to increase the SSD Optimizer Options "Fill SSD Drives Up to" (set to max) which did not work. This would be rare and I have set an automatic split to prevent these large files in my automated backup settings for the future. Perhaps it would be good option to have an option to bypass placing files on the SSD if file exceeds drive size? I was about ready to pu
  3. Hello, Does the size of your cache drives (I have SSD's set as cache - largest is 1TB) limit the file size that you can add to a pool? I have tried 3 times now to transfer a 1.01TB file to my pool and it has failed at vatying percentages to complete the process. This last time I waited for the SSD to clear and started it as well as bumped up the fill the drive to X% option. Is there a mechanism for bypassing the cache when the file is larger than the cache size is? or perhaps an option somewhere I may very well be missing? Regards, Tom
  4. Hello, I am wanting to provide hot swap capability and get my storage devices off of my current motherboard storage controller. I have done some searching and ran across a few controllers but having little experience with these cards I thought I could learn from other peoples experiences. The 2 cards I have in my shopping cart are the SAS9211-8I and the LSI Logic SAS 9207-8i at roughly the same price, I do not mind spending more if need be and having raid in the future may be a good option, but at this time I do not have plans for a raid array. I have seen where some of these cards are be
  5. First of all, I would like to say thank you all for taking the time to reply and or answer. I currently have an SSD which Windows Server 2016 Standard which has my shares as well as drive pool installed and I have gotten pretty far along in the setup and is pretty close to how I want it. Again, I realized I was missing the "sever essentials" backup system and I installed that. I believe the issues I was seeing is from the way the two flavors deal with file permissions. I initially had them set with Standard and when I added Essentials it added many permissions (per user and or group) to each f
  6. Hello, I am making a large jump here, moving from Windows Home Server V1, to Windows Server 2016. I have been taking some time during trial periods of installing various NAS server OS's. The 2 that bring me here are Windows Server 2016 Standard (Windows Server 2016 Standard with the Essentials Roles) and WSE 2016. All of which are supported by Drivepool and in my testing I have been very impressed with Drivepool. My 1st build was without essentials and I soon realized that I didn't have the backups that Essentials provided. So I created a fresh install on another SSD, (pulling all of my d
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