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  1. Just a quick update, I worked with Stablebit support and was able to remove all three of my 3TB drives from the pool. Two stalled at around 90% of the removal process, once they hit that I had to do a settings reset in Drivepool, they then showed as removed from the pool. The issue is 2 of the drives still had data on them in pool folders, thankfully I was able to copy the data back into the pool from those drives.
  2. Hi Jaga, here are the answers - Error details just says it cannot remove a disk from the pool while another disk is missing. - Drive K was the first one removed from the pool, it is currently the only empty 3TB hdd. - Yes, it has always been J drive. After the reboot it was sitting in non pooled drives as J and the pooled disks showed J was missing, so I clicked add back to pool and now there are 2 listings for the same J drive.
  3. Setup: - Server 2012 R2. - Stablebit drivepool and scanner. - Have 3x 3TB WD Red and 3x 4TB WD Red all in a pool. Am removing all the 3TBs from the pool, started with one and it removed fine (pool is less than a quarter full). The second stalled at 90.1% and then sat there doing nothing. Restarted the server, now I get "disk is missing" error for drive "J" even though it is still there. Restarting drivepool service does nothing. Tried adding "J" back to the pool and it just sees it as another disk and I can't remove it now with 2 "J"s in the drive pool. Would appreciate some assistance to get this drive back in the pool to finish cleanly removing.
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