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  1. I have a computer that is on my network but it does not have access to internet. I use it for my storage and I would like to purchase StableBit DrivePool to pool all my drives. So I have few questions. 1. Does StableBit require internet access to install and set up/activate? 2. Since this computer is kept offline will I have to connect it to the internet every so often to keep the license activated? Thank you.
  2. zanosg

    Maximum Space

    Hi. Thank you for trying to help me out. I can verify that this was the issue with the file size. Umfriend was correct. Christopher, I was able to move Storage Spaces around from a computer to computer fine few times. I do not know why it did not work this time but I have gone and installed PoolHD that was free. StableBit kind of scared me with the price once I selected 2 copies. Also I do not like the idea of "foo.txt" being put in those folders because my back up software will erase anything in the Pool that doesnt match with the source that im backing up from. Thanks again.
  3. zanosg

    Maximum Space

    Im sorry but that isn't how DP works according to my tests. In VirtualBox I'm running Win7 and I have installed StableBit. Then i created 6 1GB drives to test with. I created pool of 1GBx4 and that should equal to 4GB DP, but it is not. It says that it is when i check the properties of that Pool but in reality its not because I cant write 3GB file to it. It says that it needs more space. It looks like the space was slashed in half. I do not want that. I want all the space available. Thanks.
  4. Sorry to bring this thread up from the stone age but I found it while trying to figure out the same problem I had. What you want to do is close StableBit and run DISKPART Then type LIST DISK Then type SELECT DISK (choose a disk number but dont end up selecting anything with important data because you will erase it) Then type CLEAN Then open StableBit again.
  5. zanosg

    Maximum Space

    Please go easy on me. I dont have much expirience but I do get by. Im an average user. I have tested StableBit in VirtualBox and from what I see I simply cant create what I want. Anyway, I have two physical disks. 4TB and 8TB. I would like to create a DrivePool and make it 12TB. Down the road when I purchase another 8TB I would like to be able to add the 3rd (8TB) disk to DrivePool, then remove 4TB disk without loosing any files. So the data that is written on 4TB would be moved to the new 8TB and then the 4TB disk will be removed from the DrivePool. Windows Storage Spaces do this beautifully and the only reason I am trying to switch is because I have 8TB and 4TB already in Storage Spaces but I built a new computer and when I moved the drives to the new computer the drives don't show up in Disk Management. Bios sees them, windows sees them in Device Manager but that's where it ends. I don't want to loose all the data by formatting them to create a new Storage Space. I understand the people will try to tell me that running drives in this set up is not a good idea due to back up but I do have a back up on a different computer. Thanks.
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