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  1. Indeed, I just wanted to leave that note so that there was a final answer if or when it gets indexed. I know I asked a few people about this and none of them really knew if it would work. As it sits now I use a combination of rclone, syncbackpro, and drivebender to achieve the desired outcome of having local duplication with a remote backup which can be utilized and accessed from multiple locations. I was just hoping the combo of clouddrive and drivepool would allow me to do the same with fewer components.
  2. Just for posterity, there is not a way to have CloudDrive utilize a cloud provider directly, sans container if you will, correct? This is a major point to me as I would rather be able to manipulate the files directly, instead of having them in a container which prevents me from accessing the data via another platform.
  3. @christ Any chance one can add a mounted rclone drive to a DrivePool instance?
  4. Indeed, that was my typo, guess I should not ask questions after my shift until I've had a java recharge. Thanks for all the information. I'm a regular user of rclone and know that it can be used with multiple devices at the same time, encryption or no, and was just surprised that CloudDrive is not the same way. I wonder if I can add a rclone mount to a DrivePool scheme, guess it is time to google-fu.
  5. @Talyrius ahh, so DrivePool CloudDrive creates an actual drive image that it then works with which is stored on the cloud? I would have thought it just saved the files in a sub-directory or something on the cloud drives.
  6. Assuming one has enough licenses, why is it that CloudDrive can only be accessed with a single computer? I've utilized other cloud apps, rclone, plexdrive, cloudxtender, etc. and they all allow for more than a single computer to interact with the cloud data. Is this something systemic to the CloudDrive application or perhaps I am misunderstanding this limitation.
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