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  1. Hello, Due to my absolutely atrocious upload speed, I run CloudDrive on two machines. One remote VPS that has great bandwidth, and one on my local machine. The VPS is solely for uploading whereas the local machine is really solely for downloading (although I know it does uploading, just not as much). The problem I'm running into is the process that I use to detach the local machine's drive and attach it to the VPS is starting to get tiresome. It's time consuming and I'm growing tired of it. I am wondering if CloudDrive has any sort of automation or tools that I could utilize to simplify and automate my workload. My workflow is as such: - Detach drive from local computer (can take upwards of 5 minutes) - Log into VPS - Attach drive to VPS (can take upwards of 10 minutes) - Allow files to upload - Detach from VPS - Attach to local computer From my understanding, command line arguments are still a WIP and aren't released yet, so I'm not sure what else I could try. I thought of having the drive attached on both machines and starting / stopping the service as needed to swap between the machines, but I know having both drives is dangerous and I'm sure starting / stopping the service would be too. Any suggestions on how I can save some time here? Thanks!
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