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  1. Thanks Daveyboy37 and Chris, You've both definitely answered my question and confirmed what I thought to be true -- Easy Peasey. Great design by CoveCube. Great 'add' by Chris too include the WSS troubleshooter to rebuild the shares. That will save me some time I think. As for Daveyboy's potential misinterpretation of my intent (to migrate) from 2012E to 2012E R2.... that was never my plan -- but I could have worded the question more precisely for clarity. Corrected question below: Sorry for the slight misunderstanding about my intent there. I only briefly mentioned that I was keeping my 2012E OS SSD drive fully intact during my 2012E R2 install on the new SSD. As for Chris' comment on Domains. Luckily for me, I truly treated the 9 month demo install of 2012E as a demo / test box. I was running it side-by-side in parallel with my EX495 WHS V1 install which is still backing up my 3-4 household machines... So the only "computers" I ever actually connected to the 2012E demo were test Win7 and Win 8 VMs. So in that case, I'm lucky. However, I'm strongly leaning towards using the Reg tweaks to go with No Domain and No centralized DNS management at the Server. For my home setup and user environment, it will just be much less hassle and there's really no benefit to me of DC the feature set. I just finished listening to the 2/8 BYOB Podcast and I didn't really hear anything compelling that would lead me to use the DC approach. As for my OT question, I found several resources which show step by step how to migrate an VBox .vdi file into a HyperV .vhd file. I think I'm going to try that approach first to make this transition as seamless as possible. If that doesn't work, I'll just rebuild my Media VM in HyperV. Thanks again guys. John
  2. Hi all -- I've been running the 2012E Trial for a good 9 months now which means it's been warning me to get a license for the last 3 months! Sometime in the next few days, I'm going to take the plunge and migrate... to be honest, I'm surprised the trial hasn't just stopped working yet. I thought I read it starts shutting down every few hours after you run past 180 days. I have previously seen the Wiki article explaining the migration process from WHS2011 to 2012E (Here: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q5463715) but hadn't seen anything similar for 2012E to 2012ER2. I know this must have been answered directly somewhere in these forums and I believe seeing the answer somewhere in the last several months, but I searched and didn't see a (direct question / answer) in the first several pages going back a few months... Clearly in the FAQ, there's this... Q. What happens if the entire machine crashes and I need to move my pool to another machine?That's easy. Just install StableBit DrivePool on the other machine and simply reconnect all of the disks that are part of the pool. StableBit DrivePool will automatically recognize your old pool and spawn a new virtual drive with zero user configuration. But that seems to (directly) address the same machine, same OS situation... I'm pretty sure that's the process, but I figured I'd ask ask here first and very directly.... What steps are required to migrate from Server 2012 Essentials to 2012 Essentials R2 (on the same hardware setup -- with the exception of the OS drive)? My Setup: HP N54L Box 120GB SSD in optical drive bay running Server 2012 Essentials No other data partitions on the OS SSD 3x 3TB WD Red Data drives -- Pooled using DrivePool V2 with full data replication 1x 1TB WD Green Drive attached via eSATA -- host VBox W7 VM to run some background media and data syncing processes... 1x 2TB WD Server Backup Drive My Plan Update N54L BIOS to NEW Modded (German mod) HP Bios from Nov 2013 (to allow continued use of the optical bay SATA port for OS drive) Install Server 2012ER2 on NEW 120GM SSD attached to the optical bay SATA port... (keeping 2012E install SSD drive safe -- just in case) Install DrivePool and Stablebit Scanner on S2012ER2 Question: Do I connect the 3 pooled data drives before or after I install Drivepool? I assume after (or it doesn't matter, but I figured I'd ask...) Is this correct? Anything else I should be thinking about or need to know (DrivePool related or otherwise). I did already review the WGS post where Drashna covered much of the key insights for the (non-expert) home server enthusiast upgrade... http://forum.wegotserved.com/index.php/topic/29178-faq-things-about-server-2012-r2-essentials-that-you-should-know-before-setting-it-up/ One last question I'll throw in here is (sorry if too OT for the DrivePool forums -- I'll edit to remove if needed): 2. On my current build, I'm using VirtualBox to run a W7 VM which runs: Streambaby (Tivo Streamer), KMTTG (Tivo downloads process), Goodsync (Local data syncing / backup across a couple network computers), and EyeFi software which automatically downloads and stores pics from our Camera SD cards. I may also evenutally spin-up either Plex or subsonic on that VM. What's my best approach in R2 for maintaining this functionality? Can I just open / run / migrate the existing VBox VM to a HyperV VM? Start with a fresh W7 VM install on HyperV and reinstall / reconfigure (migrate config files) for my software? I've never set up / used HyperV. Should I just stick with what I know and install VBox on 2012ER2 to run the existing VM? (at least while I learn HyperV) Thanks, John
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