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  1. Hi, When i saw CloudDrive was while trying drivepool, and i bought them (both and scanner) for my NAS. I thought that CloudDrive would allow me to join multiple cloud storage accounts to make a large unified single drive. I can't find a way of doing it. Is it possible? My use case for this is trying to aggregate all my cloud storage accounts into a single very large drive that is in fact useful. The important bit is that the files uploaded need to be broken down into chunks so if a file is larger that the available space, it can be spread across multiple accounts. for example: if trying to upload a large 3gb file to dropbox will fail as there is not enough space available but the file can be split across two different accounts. Any idea on how can i achieve this? I scoured the internet and i didn't find any software capable of doing what i want and CloudDrive was the one that got in the closest (but doesn't share the file chunks across multiple providers, nor merges the accounts). If there is no way to do it, here is a message to the developers: Make it happen! Is just a remix of DrivePool and CloudDrive making it easier to develop and could quite easily become a fourth product by itself. I at least would be happy to own it. Thank you
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