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  1. I don't think you need to handle it for file access outside of the pool. Windows and other apps already do that. If Drivepool would "eject" the pool, at least in the sense that Drivepool itself wasn't holding a lock on anything on the drive, the drive(s) could then be ejected in Windows like any other drive. Ideally the Drivepool eject would pause any duplication or balancing operations for the ejected pool. I mention that because of a post I saw about a bug that was causing either Drivepool or Scanner to run unnecessary operations on a drive under certain circumstances. Maybe the eject needs to pause Scanner also?
  2. It would be great if Drivepool just had an "eject" button of its own, which just closed all files it had open on the selected pool/drive. It's impossible to really be sure that nothing is writing to the drive at the moment you pull the power or set it to offline.
  3. I tried doing this before posting my question, but when I try to safely eject the drives using the normal USB drive eject option in the system tray, it says the drive is in use and can't be ejected. It even did that after I created the pool but hadn't copied any files to it. I tried that to see if it would work before wasting time copying a bunch of files to it. I assumed that it must be Drivepool that has a lock on the drive that's preventing it from being ejected. I've used Goodsync in the past to do this to a single drive. I'm just trying to get it working with multiple drives in an external pool.
  4. I have a pool consisting of local disks that I need to find a backup solution for. I purchased a couple of 8TB USB drives that I would like to use for backup. The easiest way for me to back up would be to put the two USB drives in a pool and use a utility like Fastcopy to copy everything from the local pool to the external/USB pool a couple of times a month. Is it possible to do this? Once the files are copied, how can I "eject" the pool safely so I can reconnect it the next time I want to do a backup? I had the idea of putting the USB drives in a pool so that I wouldn't have to manually sort which files to copy to each external drive and just let Drivepool handle that by making the two drives look like one big drive.
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