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  1. Update: I restored the folders with a recent Acronis image (redundancy ftw again). And I went to check the folder and nothing. Turns out the File Explorer and the assembly folder are weird. But with some powershell "get-childitem"s I checked everything is fine Anyway I don't manage arrays over a network so this .NET stuff isn't that much of a concern
  2. Thanks I of course excluded the files but Avira restored them to my desktop since the "NativeImages_v4...." isn't a folder and is no longer in the C:\windows\assambly folder (probably deleted by Avira xD)
  3. Thanks! I restarted the pc and the array is still working fine so i would rather not unistall (I've got the balancers turned off since I'm using snapraid and if the pool (edited) settings are not restored when I reinstall DrivePool it could try to "balance" and mess with my files).
  4. Most likely a false positive. Couldn't restore though because the assembly file isn't there anymore. Everything is working fine. Should I reinstall just in case?
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