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  1. Thanks for the answer. Is there any harm in having 3 folders on the provider all named "StableBit Clouddrive" that are coming from 3 different computers with 3 different encryption keys?
  2. I noticed this last night after my power went out for a second during a storm. Clouddrive would not connect to my drive and has the following error with the Retry, Reauthorize, Destroy options. "There was an error communicating with the storage provider. The folder that contains the drive's data is missing from the provider (CloudPart-4.....) I think it was because I renamed the CloudDrive folder on my Google drive to "XXX's CloudDrive" right after I created it (which was working fine for a week). When I tried Reauthorizing it would create a new folder every time called "StableBit CloudDrive" so I simply changed my "XXX's CloudDrive" to "StableBit CloudDrive" and that SEEMS to have fixed the issue. I am still waiting for the "recovering" to finish, but I couldn't get this far before. Update: Still Recovering an hour later. Drive is 50TB, but only 1.5TB is being used. Update 2: Rebooted and got 3 hours of "Starting Service" before I decided to reboot again Update 3: Had to do a repair in Windows for the application, but now it works after a reboot. Now my question, is it possible to have custom named folders in Google Drive without breaking CloudDrive? I have a few different Encrypted folders and I had them all named something different to help keep them sorted.
  3. I'm an idiot and changed the Clouddrive Google Drive folder from "Stablebit xxx" to "yyy". Everything seems to be broken now. Can I change the folder name back and be okay or what are my options? What was the default folder name?
  4. Update: this seems to have helped. I changed the cache to 100GB and it isn't constantly downloading now. I'm a noob and thought if the cache was small it would only download just enough to fill it, I didn't think it would constantly be deleting/refilling. With 100GB cache I am only using like 1/3rd of it currently.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have upload verification off. I drastically increased the size of my cache to see if that helps.
  6. I set up CloudDrive and mapped it to my unlimited Google Drive. I've been playing around with it for the past week and have some questions. Before I back up all of my Linux ISOs (with encryption on) I started with just my main PC backup and Plex Metadata. I am copying this content over via a Robocopy script from my PC to the CloudDrive. I am only copying about 200gb of data, but my internet usage shows I have used 8x that over the week. When I look at CloudDrive it shows a lot of data downloading. I am confused why anything would be downloading to my PC if I am just uploading copies from my PC to the CloudDrive. I originally had my cache set to 10GB, but lowered it to 1GB. I thought this may have been causing the extra data usage, but I am still getting almost constant download. I am not reading anything from the drive. Am I not understanding how CloudDrive works? At this time I would like to upload a few TB worth of data and don't have any intent to download this data for use unless I have a drive failure. I have not messed with any of the advanced settings. 2 Comments
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