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  1. Chris, Good to know. That probably explains why my backups started failing with VSS errors. I'm not terribly pleased with Windows Server Backup, so I am going to setup Veeam. Do you have any experience / info about using Veeam with the pool? Or more generally, do you have any suggestions for getting backups to the pool? I am backing up the server OS and pool data to an external, but I've been backing up client PCs to the pool since I don't care about their data being on an external quite as much. Maybe I have to option to backup data without VSS with Veeam. Separate note about Scanner - I read that you can set some sort of throttle setting within scanner to prevent disks from getting constantly spun up, so I set that to 60. I turned on the start/stop automatically toggle, and none of my disks were checked. I then kicked off checks manually, and it only scanned about 40% of one of my 4TB drives, and 4% of my second 4TB drive. The OS drive was 100% checked, and another disk was not checked at all. Should I expect it to take a long time? This was over the course of 12 - 24 hours that it only got to 40%. Maybe that throttle setting threw things off? Thanks.
  2. Thanks again. I apologize for all the questions, but it's obviously important to understand and ensure everything is working correctly when it comes to data backups. Is there any issue with running Windows Server Backups on the DrivePool itself? Or is it better practice to backup the physical drives?
  3. Thanks Chris. Microsoft recommends putting it on a drive that does not contain shares. Have you experienced any problems with this? My entire pool is shared. I'm guessing they only recommend that in terms of keeping the data locked down, so I will likely move it to the pool anyways. On a separate note, I just noticed that DrivePool integrates with the Dashboard on Server 2012 Essentials. That is pretty nice, it fits right in. EDIT: I've now downloaded the Stablebit Scanner as well, since I hear it interfaces with DrivePool quite nicely. Do I need to do anything to 'link' the two together? How do the two programs communicate?
  4. Thanks Chris. So here's another question. I'm running Server 2012 Essentials, and getting an alert about moving server folders that are currently located on the C: drive. These folders are things like File History Backups, Folder Redirection, Users, etc. I would gladly throw them on the pool so I quit getting this alert, but I'm wondering if that's a bad idea similar to the Plex database. Thanks.
  5. Thanks Chris. Could you elaborate a bit on the share permissions? For example, I don't think I've configured the same share permissions on each disk in the pool. I set share permissions on the virtual pool disk itself. I know each physical disk is shared, but I don't recall if they have the exact same permissions. Perhaps that is the cause of the issue - conflicting permissions. As for Plex, are we talking about the actual installation directory? Otherwise, I haven't configured anything in regards to a database location. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm experimenting with the trial of DrivePool, and it seems the share permissions for the pool get removed after each reboot. I am using Windows Server 2012 and sharing the pool over the network. How can I fix this? Is this related to the service starting too late or something to that affect? NTFS permissions are maintained. That's really my only issue so far, although I do have a few misc questions: - I've read about issues pointing Plex to a pool, but I did this and haven't encountered issues so far. What type of problems would I encounter pointing it to the pool, and what is the recommended approach if I shouldn't point to pool - just point it to one of the physical disks? - How does the software determine where to put new files on a duplicated pool? I currently have 3 drives in a pool. When I copy new files to the pool, it's been putting them on the same two drives. The only data on the 3rd drive is data I've specified for 3x duplication. I'm guessing this has to do with available storage - it automatically copies to whatever drives have most storage? - How does the data look when taking a drive out of the server and plugging it into a different machine? Does it show the same contents as when you open that physical disk instead of the pool itself? So the 'PoolPart....'? I'm quite pleased with the software so far. The functionality is great and I like that the UI looks similar to the rest of the Microsoft interface on server 2012. Thanks.
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