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  1. Hi. I am using stablebit drivepool for my NAS/DVR server(2x8TB HDDs and 512GB SSD). All HDDs and SSD are NTFS. Main data of the system is m2ts/mp4, but I want to compress data on NAS folders. In this case, can I press "compress this drive to save disk space" on "drivepool"ed disk? or should I perform this on each drives? Thank you
  2. Hi. I am thinking to build a PC as NAS by pooling my Extra HDDs. We can use Hyper-V server for free, even though we need pro OS to maintain it. So I am thinking to build a PC, install Hyper-V server 2016 on it, make a big storage by drivepool(and maintain by scanner), and add some virtual OSs on the storage. My question is... -Can I use drivepool on Hyper-V server 2016? I think Hyper-V server 2016 is Windows server 2016 without explorer.exe(and something) so it would be possible. Have somebody tried drivepool on Hyper-V server series?
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