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  1. I have a collection of physical disks and a collection of virtual disks (partitions on a cloud storage drive). My end goal is to use the physical disks to have one copy of all files, and then have a copy of the files on the virtual disks. From what i can tell i can do this in a two ways (maybe more): Create one large pool that consists of all the virtual disks and physical disks. Use the Drive Usage Limiter balancer to put all duplicated files on the virtual disks and unduplicated files on the physical disks Create a pool (P1) that consists of the physical disks. Create a pool (P2) that consists of the virtual disks. Create a pool (P3) that consists of both P1 and P2. Set the pool file duplication for P3. Is there any advantage or disadvantage from a performance or functionality side that would steer me towards one of these two options?
  2. I've seen the same thing as mentioned here for the past couple months and was waiting to see if there was any update as it still appears to be happening for me. Is there any update around this or additional information that is needed that I might be able to provide to help further the analysis?
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