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  1. p4nts

    Newbie setup

    Hi Drashna, Thanks very much for your reply, much appreciated. Yes it is a 512GB SSD ;-) I've set the Disks up C:\Mount\Disk01 etc. I might have gone with ReFS, after what you've said ,but "fortunately" Snap RAID doesn't support this yet
  2. p4nts

    Newbie setup

    Sorry about the n00bness of this question but I'm not a Windows Server setup expert and any help/guidance would be much appreciated. I've got a new Microserver :16Gb, 4 core, 512MB SSD (OS) and 2x10TB NAS drives. I was hoping to set this up as Windows Server 2016 (with desktop experience) to act as a file server for a Linux based Kodi box. I've got various other Windows machines which would looking to access Shares on the server. Once 3-6 months has gone by, hopefully Disk prices have fallen a bit I was planning on getting a third disk and hooking up Snap RAID. I'm looking to run HyperV so that I can fire up VMs to use my MSDN sub to set up some test labs for work/community stuff. As well as using the improved docker support to dig into Containers. I was hoping to avoid having to set the box up as a DC or does DrivePool require "Server Essentials Experience" to be enabled? Or would I be better going with Win 10 Pro and just turn everything off. Finally is ReFS still proving problematic, and SnapRAID covers that anyway?
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