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  1. Thanks Chris for answering. I was not trying to move the whole pool from one machine to the other but move a part of the pool from one machine to the other. I though if the pools were named similarly on both machines that DP could have the intelligence to automagically add the HDD to the pool on the destination machine. I was trying to avoid to move the contents of the HDD from machine source to machine destination across the network. Umfriend provided an actual workaround (once the HDD is on the new machine and the PoolPart*** is created) move (with Explorer) the files from the "old" PoolPart folder to the "new" one. It's not pretty or convenient but it should work. Thanks, xpto
  2. Not a platter but the whole HDD. Never underestimate the bandwidth of taking one HDD from one machine to the other vs. copying its contents through the pipe of a 1 GBps network. That's what I was trying to avoid - the copying across the network which is considerably time consuming. My use case is that I want to move a bunch of new files from one machine to the other just by taking the HDD from the 1st machine and connecting it to the 2nd machine. It would be nice if the pools are named the same on the different machines that it would automagically add the HDD to the pool on the 2nd machine. Please note that I do not use balancing in my systems. All I'm trying to avoid is the copying through the network. But, alas, I guess Drivepool is not for this particular use, which I understand. Thanks for your help Umfriend. xpto
  3. Thanks Umfriend for your answer. Yes, it seems to work as you describe. Unfortunately not that user-friendly (as in not transparent) if I need to move from PoolPart folder on the same disk to achieve what I need. But it's a solution nevertheless. I even tried naming the Pool the same on machine A and B but Drivepool considers that Pool X (on machine A ) is different from Pool X (on machine B ) No easy solution then. Thanks, xpto
  4. Folks, I have two Drivepool licenses (running on different machines). Is there any (easy or not) method to move an HDD that belongs to Pool X on machine A to another Pool (let's say Y) on machine B? Reason is that I have some external disks and that functionality would be of use. I would like to disconnect disk from machine A (on Pool X) and connect that disk to machine B (on Pool Y) Regards, xpto
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