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  1. I'm only using the drive usage limiter so with Local pool : Duplicated and Unduplicated Checked / CloudDrive Unduplicated Unchecked. But it is still putting unduplicated files on the clouddrive
  2. Thanks Chris, does Drivepool silently update? Im on BETA. Also, something else, the local pool is still duplicating (14TB over a 20Mbps link is SLOOWWW), so the Clouddrive cache is full most of the time. I put the CloudDrive to only duplicated files and turned off real-time duplication (as the cache is mostly full and gets filled up fast), yet some files (I have over 60GB) are saved to Clouddrive first, violating the file placement rules
  3. That is what i'm doing but it feels "dirty", and i do not know if there can be side effects. UrBackup Server is having similar problems, but that is more due to the hardlinking limitations of drive pool i beleive
  4. Is there a way to force Drivepool to respond to read requests by accessing local copy of file instead of cloud drive copy if available? I have a 14TB pool that is then pooled with cloud drive with pool duplication on. Certain folders in that pool are then backed up to another provider (3-2-1 backups). When trying to backup, Arq backup times out trying to read files from the clouddrive when I have the files locally on disk. IS there a way to get drive pool to prioritise the local copy instead of the clouddrive? I'm basically using the clouddrive as a mirror to prevent loss of availability.
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