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  1. I've tried searching for an answer to this, but to no avail. If Scanner starts the orderly evacuation of a failing disk but there is not enough space within the Drivepool whilst retaining the Drivepool duplication level, how is this resolved? Thanks, Duncan
  2. DuncanF

    O/S Install/Upgrade

    Yes. All three data drives were present. All I did was re-install the OS on the OS drive. Clean build. But measured? Not sure. Is this something I have to do or will DP initiate this automatically? Interesting to note that I installed the DP software on the clean build, and on opening the UI it had already added the three data drives. Maybe I should have left it longer to sort itself out. Is there a "these are the steps to follow when re-installing your OS" doc I can read through?
  3. DuncanF

    O/S Install/Upgrade

    Not sure about "fine". The three disks in the pool we showing predominantly unduplicated data whereas the whole pool was set to be duplicated. Are you saying that it would have resolved itself eventually?
  4. Hi, I've been playing with DP as an alternate to Storage Spaces on my home server (HP N54L) which runs SVR2012. All works well, much better than storage spaces. Over the weekend I kicked off an upgrade to SVR2012 R2. That failed for various reasons so I did a clean install. After the install I was expecting DP to recognise the drives when I created a DrivePool. Instead it showed "Duplication Inconsistent". If I've read things right, this *should* work, although the doc I referenced noted moving the license key from the old install to the new. I'm still using a trial license(s) at the moment, so they were different between the old and new O/S installs. Was this the reason for the failure? Anyway, I had to do a bare metal restore on the server and am now -reloading the discs from a nearline backup. It's a good test of my backup strategy! I will however be trying the upgrade again now I understand the hardware compatibility issue that the N54L has with SVR2012 R2. An in-situ upgrade will preserve DP for me I know, but if I have to do a clean install? What steps did I miss over the weekend that caused the new DrivePool not to full recognise the previous underlying drives? Thanks.
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