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    License problem

    I have emailed support on this issue but while I'll wait on a reply from them, figured I'd toss this out here for maybe a quicker solution. I originally bought Drivepool on October 3, 2016. A while later, I deactivated it on the original machine and moved it to a 2nd machine in my house. A few days ago, I nuked the 2nd machine and removed Windows and installed Linux Mint. I forgot to deactivate the license before nuking the drive. I have since re-installed Drivepool on the first machine and when I entered my license key, it appeared to take it....got a message that the key was activated but when going into Drivepool, it kept asking for a key. So I kept entering the key. Now, it says that it can't find a key on this PC and is in a 30 day trial mode. How can I get my copy of Drivepool activated again? Thanks!
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