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  1. Well, my new drive is in, but I'm still having problems with my backups. The backup service still seems to be randomly turning off. I cannot manually backup anything and the backup repair wizard seems stuck.
  2. drashna: Thanks so much for the insight. I will try that. I should share an update. Tonight, I upgraded my version of DrivePool (I was running a very early version) and the new version seems to be automatically moving files off of the damaged drive onto the healthy ones. (And, interestingly enough, the "bad" disk is no longer listed as "missing" it's now listed in the pool as "damaged".) I will still replace that drive when the re-balancing is done, but it's an interesting development.
  3. Hi. I'm running WHS 2011 on my HP Microserver n40L. I've got three 2TB drives pooled using DrivePool. Last week, I started having troubles running scheduled and manual WHS backups on all of my clients. At the same time, noticed that the WHS backup service seemed to be radomly turning off. After some research I determined that I might be having a problem with one of my drives. (I believe I read that if a drive is going bad, WHS won't run the backup service). I installed StableBit Scanner and, sure enough, discovered that one my 2TB drives had some bad sectors and the SMART data indicated
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