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  1. Hi Christopher, I was using (64-bit) yesterday, when the latest lump of data went walkies. I've since upgraded to (and rebooted). The re-deduplication is still catching up after the upgrade & reboot. I'm on Win10 Pro (64-bit / 1703). Thanks, Bob
  2. Hi folks, I'm running a single pool consisting of around 16 x 2TB drives, and with the data they hold - with pool duplication - the total size is 21TB. Every few days, a sizeable chunk (2-3 TB) of that data drops out of duplication and so Drivepool dutifully goes to work re-duplicating it. All is good again, but then it happens again in a few days. I try to keep up to date with the latest beta releases, but I just wondered if this is a known issue? (Windows 10 Pro (1703), Active Plug-Ins : #1 SSD Optimizer & #2 Disk Space Equalizer (by % used)) Thanks, Bob
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