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  1. Hi, I'm wondering if Drivepool would work for my needs. Let me tell you about my current config HP Microserver N36L Solaris Express 11 running from Internal USB stick 6x3TB running in raidz ZFS I'm looking to move to a windows solution but the problem is I've got no space to fit another drive. If I install my Windows OS on one of the 3TB drives, can I use the remaining space on that drive, as well as all the other drives for one large pool? i.e. is it possible to still use the system drive for storage? If it's not possible, should I be partitioning one of the 3TB's to say 50gb for windows then the remaining 2.95TB partition adding it into the remaining 3TB drive pools? Will this work and if so will it cause any compatibility or file/data issues? I'm looking at having one drive failure redundancy Unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to install windows on a USB stick/drive.
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