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  1. jik0n

    Cache question

    I did not alter the cache size recently, Windows does show the drive as full. I did open a support ticket just waiting for a response.
  2. jik0n

    Cache question

    I'm attaching a screenshot. Fixed cache 200gb its exceeding that and will not clear. Latest stable release.
  3. jik0n

    Cache question

    Hello, I have a 6TB cache drive that is almost full. For some reason no matter what I do the cache on cloud drive exceeds the max cache I have set so my 6TB drive never empties. Even telling clouddrive to empty the cache does nothing. Reboots did not solve it and updating did not solve it. So I want to move my setup to a different computer entirely. Is there a way to go about just junking the 6TB I have in cache and having stablebit remove any unfinished transfers or will I end up with half transferred items if I just pull it and wipe the cache drive and re-setup the drive on a different computer?
  4. Ah okay, so its possible that whats causing this issue for me may be a completely different reason then.
  5. What do you mean by "read only state" ? Like, you don't have write permissions to the drive stablebit is installed on? Or the drive that is the cache? Edit: if you're talking about read only inside of the stablebit program settings, I've never set my drive to that myself. Is it doing it on its own for some reason?
  6. If it comes to that I'm sure one of us having the issue wouldn't mind assisting, I'm unsure how that would work though.
  7. Guess one of us will just have to ship you our system lol
  8. +1 to having this as well, but I've already opened a contact request. Is there anything we can do in the time being file wise to edit the settings?
  9. Something interesting to note, and idk if I can mention it here, but another software like stablebit (but I think is mainly used for linux) has been getting errors while trying to pull from gcloud / gsuites "403: rate limit exceeded." I don't know if google is doing something on their end but it may come up at some point with stablebit since the two programs act the same
  10. Disconnect only has happened once since I've changed it. I'm not convinced its a network issue since when I'm not running the cloud drive I have zero issues. I could transfer terabytes of files over the network or DL / UL tons of files via p2p and never have issues. I'll try doing the ticket route via the troubleshooter.
  11. It worked up until this point. Still hasn't locked up. It just disconnected again. Sigh... is there any fix for this currently? Is there a way to tell stablebit to download files into the cache without trying to access them? Or if they are video files, if I try to play it, will it download the whole thing if I attempt to play it for just 5 seconds then close it?
  12. When I try to copy files from my clouddrive local over network to another computer the cloud drive starts the DL on its end and starts a transfer, after a few minutes it will disconnect and error out forcing it to re-mount. Is there a fix for this? I tried googling and checking around the forums and couldn't find much. Thanks, Edit: I tried the fix posted in: http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2997-automatically-re-attach-after-drive-error/ I set the threshold to about 35 so far this is working, will transfer more files over the next few hours / days and report back. Edit: okay so its been about a day and what I'm finding is that it'll stall still but this time it doesn't disconnect. So if I have a pending transfer that will stop / pause and ask me to retry but stablebit won't disconnect. I'm going to find a transfer software that auto retries
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