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  1. Yes I did ask in a Ticket, sorry for doubling up! Just thought I may get several opinions! I actually have several crappy HBA (pci & pcie) cards, the reason for keeping the P212 in the server is it is has 4 ports as the actual server board is limited on slots - ML110 G6 I also have to add a dual PCIe dual nic as it will also run my pfSense firewall on a VM. In saying this I could probably take the P212 out as I do like the idea of being able to see the SMART Data
  2. Cool and thanks for the reply! I think some of the old cards had HBA as well. Only reason I am considering running this way is I have a heap of HDDs spare and may as well use them.
  3. Hi all, I am considering using a HP server which I have had laying around! It has a raid card in it, is it ok to create a raid drive (Raid 0 or 1) and then use drivepool over the top? Does drivepool/scanner just see it as a normal hard drive? It shows up as 'HP Logical Volume SCSI Device' Or could it screw up? cheers
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