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  1. Thank you for that, Drashna! I love tinkering with these two products and have for a long time in many different configurations and for many different needs, as my household grew. Maybe I needed to start a post just to tell you that. You and Alex keep up the good work!
  2. And being a noob here, I put this in the wrong forum. If a mod could correct, I'd be slightly less embarrassed....
  3. Okay, so I have used and loved DP and Scanner for as long as WHSv1 existed, and I continue to use them on my Server 2012 r2 machine. It acts as a file server, "my documents" location, and machine back-ups location for our client machines in the house, making client restores\rebuilds super-easy, and accessing all of our "common files" a breeze across machines. I use Crash Plan and love the way they all play together, both in theory and in practice - oh, yes, I have made more than my fair-share of "recovery scenarios" come to life over the years. But, I am boring in my execution...I have 4 drives, and they are duplicated x4, so I essentially end-up with some semblance of a 4-drive RAID 0 configuration. Mainly so if I die in a fiery car wreck, wifey can trip over the drive cage, take any random drive that falls out and have a friend set-it up on her local machine and life goes on without my techy-overhead. Here's the situation and question: In the event of a single drive failure, the pool goes into read-only. It *seems* like to get anything up and running quickly for normal use (say, for example, a Quicken file to which I will need to write) until a replacement drive is available, I would need to: Turn duplication back to 3 (instead of 4) Remove the bad drive Otherwise, DP get's busy trying to make the 4th copy across the remaining three drives, and creates a balancing mess that later causes a bunch of overhead. Am I doing (or thinking about) this wrong? Is there a better way?
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