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  1. Hi, Since I changed the drive letter for DrivePool, it is not showing up in the Desktop folder in Windows 10. Not the Desktop itself (that is unimportant), I mean the virtual Desktop folder you see in Windows Explorer. This means that I cannot see the DrivePool on the left menu in Windows Explorer. The DrivePool is otherwise functioning perfectly well, I can see it if I click on "This PC" within the Desktop folder, it is just not in the Desktop folder itself (like all the other drives). Any ideas how to fix this? This is a brand new machine. Thanks
  2. Many thanks. I don't know what was going on as the normal explanations didn't cut it - I have thousands of files in these drives, all much smaller than Tb, and also the 'usable' space on the 6Tb drive was smaller than 3Gb. If I took files out of the DrivePool, the unusable space just got bigger. It didn't make any sense. Anyway, the Disk Space Equalizer seems to have worked well, I have to set to 'Percentage of Drive' and its looking good - just starting a huge rebalancing process now
  3. Hi, I had 4 x 3Tb drives in a DrivePool. All was working great, until one of the drives failed. I replaced this drive with a 6Tb drive, so I now have 1 x 6Tb and 3 x 3Tb drives. The 6 Tb drive has Over 4Tb 'Unusable for duplication'. Nothing will balance to it, it is just showing as free space. And the other three drives are now full, I cannot add to the Drive Pool at all. There are no partitions on this drive or anything odd like that - it is a brand new drive. I have chosen the 'reset to factory settings option in DrivePool, but it is still not balancing correctly. What am I doing wrong? Why is so much of the larger drive 'unusable'? Many thanks
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