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  1. Hi, I've just upgraded from to and I am now having the following issues. These were not experienced previously. First: I am unable to activate it as it reports "License not found for this machine". I have now activated the 30-Day trial and raised support ticket #304033. Second: I am now getting warnings that my OS SSD is exceeding it's maximum operating temperature of 0°C! Full warning... At the bottom of the SMART screen it shows... Tried: Clicking the "Update" link at the bottom of the SMART screen to update the interpretation rules. I can see that the datetime changed. Twice tried the full 'blitz' approach in Q8964978 and performed a clean install. Rebooted several times. Workarounds: License issue: I have activated the 30-Day trial. Overheat warnings: I have manually set the "Override maximum temperature" field in the Disk Settings screen. However, the status still reports "Waiting to scan (too hot)". Running Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2
  2. Hi Drashna, Yes, I read about the SMB settings but when I tried them it didn't appear to make any difference, so I set them back to Not Defined. But thank you for sharing the suggestion. And yes I remember you from the WGS forums, in particular for the 'Media Stuttering' work around which remained in action right up until the server died. So a big thanks for that too.
  3. I've been running DrivePool and Scanner on my WSE2012 R2 box for only 10 days so far, but I have to say that I am impressed. I'm getting circa 80MB/s speeds for copying files across my GB network from AND to the server; and to be clear, it doesn't just start fast and then drop off (as per my WHSv1 box) but stays consistent through to the end. As for WSE2012 R2 compatibility... most definitely so.
  4. So after many years of perfect reliability from my HP MediaSmart EX475 (WHS v1) it has finally started to die (randomly shuts off every few days with no error logging, and it's on a UPS). But the good news is I've now built myself a new ground-up server running Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2 with DrivePool and Scanner, and so far it's all looking good. Whilst checking through the WSE features I noted that the Pool Drive (virtual drive) had Previous Versions turned ON and the physical drives had it turned off. My understanding was that Previous Versions was not supported by DrivePool, particularly on the virtual drive, so I turned it off. Am I correct in thinking that it is not supported on the virtual disk (I'm running RC)? Is it supported/does it work on the physical disks and therefore the files that make up the pool? Thanks in advance.
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