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  1. I did not find most of the items listed in the wiki reference above, but that's because the 1.x install ran correctly. Problem resolved - and it was my issue, no fault of StableBit I run the OS on a small SSD drive.....so I had pointed all my "temp" variables to a directory on the Pool Drive.... so when I uninstalled, all the temp directories were gone (duh!). So the install, and anything else looking to write to a temp folder failed. The 2.x install didn't give any kind of failure message, but an attempt to open a web page on the server did, which was the giveaway. I repoin
  2. Followed the basic steps to upgrade to the 2.x RC version today: uninstalled the 1.x version from the add-ins, rebooted, ran the 2.x install..... the 2.x install appears on a task list, but displays no windows/feedback, and does not appear on the installed list of installed programs after it runs/following a reboot. Cannot get the Windows Home server dashboard to start, either. Running the OS from a non-pooled c: drive, 4 drives originally in a pool, and I have a server backup that I would hate to restore to..... File I tried to install is StableBit.DrivePool_2.0.0.400_x64_RC.exe
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