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  1. Thanks! I copied the data to an external drive and reformated the drives. When the original storage space went down, I had all my critical files backed up to Crashplan and about half of my recorded video (TV and movies). My next project is build a separate backup server to backup my PCs and Macs. I was running WHS 2011 in a VM on the Win8 server but I lost all the backups when the storage space went down. I will be using drivepool on the new backup server.
  2. Next question. Since I already have a new storage space set up, Drivepool will see that as one big drive instead of the 4 separate drives. So I need to move my data, delete the storage space, remove the hard drives (from the control panel not literally from the PC) and then create the pool in Drivepool. Is this correct? Do I need to format the hard drives first since they are currently in MS version of RAID? I just want to be clear before I make any more changes to my setup.
  3. I recently had a catastrophic storage space failure in Win 8. I lost around 12TB. I'm looking at the best way to implement drivepool in Win 8 so that when a drive fails I'll still have a decent chance of accessing the data on the hard drives. I used to run the first version of Windows Home Server and when the system died the files were still accessible on a different computer. However, Win 8's storage space doesn't allow that. I'm trying to understand if drivepool will be able to help me in case of a catastrophic failure. I don't see how I'll be able to get to the files if storage space go
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