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    psikey got a reaction from Christopher (Drashna) in Other ?? I have read about.   
    Well I'm so impressed with it (especially after trying the Scanner too) that I've bought the 2 app deal after only 2 days trial
    Using this on my N54L Microserver which is purely used as my media store/Plex server + torrents at home. I'm finding it much easier to understand/use than FlexRAID Pooling I purchased last year. For this server its more about max storage space than redundancy.
    I only really need Folder Duplication for critical frequently changed/added files (photos/Home Movies), as I backup to another Microserver on a schedule, so no big deal getting my large Movie files back off the backup server if a drive fails.
    Couple of quick questions. Will Scanner, with its installed defaults, still allow Windows Hard Drive standby or do I need to untick Advanced Power Management which is currently set to Maximum performance (no standby) as installed? This server is idling most of the time consuming only ~25W so need to ensure drive spin-down working as before (currently set in Windows8 to 30 minutes). I also use Lights-out to put the whole system in hibernation at set times based on Calendar when its only then consuming 1w. Will the "prevent-standby" type options clash with those in Lights-out? For example, with uTorrent I set Lights-out to not Hibernate if the uTorrent process is still running. Would I need to set a similar kind of rule to make sure it doesn't hibernate in Balancing/Scanning drives etc.?
    I also have a G8 Microserver with a proper P222/512 RAID card currently with 4x3TB RAID5 (used as my lab & Media Backup from other server). I'm assuming Drivepool/Scanner doesn't really add anything to this unless I ran as individual drives ??
    Also, my drive pool of currently a 4TB & 1.5TB show as 5TB usable pool. Why does Windows Drive Management show it as 2047.97GB and also in the Task Manager graphs also shows it as only 2TB Capacity for Covecube Virtual Disk?? Also, in Task Manager the DrivePool disk shows no Activity while the pooled disks themselves do. Does the Virtual DrivePool not interact correctly with Task Manager etc.?
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