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  1. TNX Drashna for the quick reply. Yes your answer is adequate for my question. For my comprehension: if I loose the computer with a CloudDrive disk as part of a pool of DrivePool (fire, theft, ..) then I need to install CloudDrive on another computer, login on the cloudprovider, put in my passkey/passphrase, and get access to my data on the cloudprovider? Do I need to buy a new licence for the CloudDrive on the replacement computer? What is the effect on accessing the original CloudDrive disk being a member of a former DrivePool pool?
  2. I should like to use CloudDrive for safety reasons as one cloud drive in DrivePool to have a secure copy when the local disks have been gone because of disaster or theft. How do I get the encrypted data back from the cloud service without PC with CloudDrive ?
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