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  1. In real world situation what does that mean, can you give an example please? I've got 1 2tb drive and 2 1tb drives. I'm guessing my disks wouldn't be optimally balanced but they would balance out with the same percentage of free space, just the 2tb having more data than the 1tb drives?
  2. whats the unusable for duplication
  3. If I remove one of the 3 disks from the pool, it updates the chart and the bit under. It does then show a section for unusable for duplication. What is this?
  4. Hi I've tried the remeasure buy it doesn't change the pie chart or the key under the pie chart. Still only has other.
  5. Hi I've added 3 drives into a pool. The pool has letter K. I copied some movies into the drive K. DrivePool graph is categorising these as Other and not Unduplicated. Before posting this, I've just tried copying files to a folder I marked as duplicated and in the graph in DrivePool its also categorised those as Other. Am I doing something wrong?
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