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  1. Okay, I've submitted the logs via the link provided. Luckily, they zipped down pretty small (~1 MB). I also made the changes you suggested. I'm really looking forward to hearing what you find!
  2. Well, I searched the forum and didn't see my particular problem discussed. I have DrivePool on WHS 2011. One of my drives (1.5 TB) is giving SMART errors per StableBit Scanner, although it says the drive is not predicting imminent failure. So, I've installed a new disk, added it to the pool, and am attempting to remove the "bad" drive through the "Remove from the pool" wizard. However, the progress bar for removing the drive hasn't moved in the past 24 hours. It just says "Checking for files in-use..." and hasn't budged. I did check both checkboxes for skip unreadable files and ski
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