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  1. Sounds great! Thanks! Love the product so far, can't wait to have better internet. I don't see QoS as an acceptable solution, unless my understanding of how local VPNs work is incorrect (which is not only possible, but likely), all my information flowing in/out will look pretty close to the same.
  2. Just wanted to pitch something that would be of extreme use to me. I currently have an awful internet connection (live in the woods with only option being DSL). This won't be permanent for me but currently is something I have to deal with. Because my connection is 12Mb down / 1Mb up it is incredibly hard for me to backup anything in a timely manner. I would love to have the options to have it operate from either a certain time period (ex 1am-6am) or to possibly have it only backup when computer is idle. Folding@Home has the great option that it only takes over my graphics card when my computer is idle, I would love for CloudDrive to do the same thing. While I don't know the intricacies of that, the simpler solution is to give us the ability to only let it upload from certain times. With that being said I would love for there to be a more intuitive option to cease uploading than unchecking the upload threads but for the time being this is fine.
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