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  1. I am finally upgrading from WHS v.1 to WHS 2011. I am currently running 5 3TB drives and 5 2TB drives which have been at about 50% full with most folders duplicated. I will be using the same basic hardware since I built it pretty robust about 18 months ago. I currently have v.1 installed on a 80GB SSD and I have secured a second 80GB SSD and successfully loaded WHS 2011 to it, so by changing the SSD's I have been able to swap software while I get accustomed to the new (to me at least) WHS. I have already cleared off two of my 2TB drives to serve as my initial pool and I plan to first create the pool with these two drives installed and all of the others backed out of the enclosures. I then plan on installing one drive at a time, and moving the files over to the pool. At the completion of each move operation, I plan to add that drive to the pool. Lather, rinse, repeat until everything is moved over. Is this a sound approach, or is there a better way doing this? Thanks in Advance, Tom
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