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  1. I have the Exact same issue. I have contacted support.
  2. Same here. In past 24 hours I've had to do this 7 times.
  3. Thanks for the advice. My drive is currently 250TB as previously mentioned, but at present only 14.9actuallyutally in use. Can I safely resize it down to 50TB without data lost?
  4. I can report, I was just hit with this bug or whatever this is. I detached the disk and rebooted my pc and when i remounted my drive hundreds of files were corrupted. I have a 256TB cstablebit cloud drive, and have lost terabytes of data. I tried all the solutions suggested above to no effect. Can you recommend a specific third party data recovery software?
  5. sysops

    File copy very slow

    On a free trial using the latest RC version, and I a having the exact same issue as Quiks is having. I have tried all the tips suggested in this post to no effect on this issue.
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