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  1. I shutdown, removed the drive, restarted. When I went to check the pool, I received this error: The background service failed to start... (Screen capture attached). I restarted with the same result. I tried to access one of the files on the pooled drive letter as a test and was successful. StableBit DrivePool Service is listed as started under "Services." Suggestions?
  2. My WHS2011 server recently went through a Windows update. Somehow in the process one of the pool drives file system got corrupted. (The pool was set to duplicate all files prior to the issue occurring.) I tried to remove it but kept getting errors. It had 300+ GB of data on it previously but now shows mostly "other" data. Based on another post I downloaded and installed BETA but still am unable to remove. I run with both Force options enabled, the progress bar shows a few percent complete (<10%) and eventually stops yielding an error message to run CHKDSK, which I have done mult
  3. I've searched but cannot find (perhaps I missed it) whether it is possible to back a WHS 2011 to a Drive Pool. I created a pool and it was listed in the Server Backup options as a Virtual Disk. But when I selected it I received a dialog box telling me that I had selected a drive that was on multiple disks which would be reformatted and all data lost. Since I had existing data, I stopped. Is there some change in procedure needed? I'm trying to reduce the frequency of physically carrying my backups off site by creating a larger drive to receive the backup files. Thanks.
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