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  1. cpl

    Where are my files?

    it worked, nice! couldn't find this bit of information in the wiki, maybe i just overlooked it. i have one further question, is it possible to "lock" folders to disks? say a folder "Movies" can only exist on disk 1 and 2, a folder "TV Shows" only on disk 3 and 4? can that be done with a balancing plugin, or is such a plugin in the works? thanks again!
  2. cpl

    Where are my files?

    thanks for your answer, will have to try that when i get home!
  3. cpl

    Where are my files?

    Hello! I'm runnung a flexraid setup with 5 drus and one ppu and just installed drivepool, im on windows 8 x64 and i only wan tthe pool option, no folder duplication. adding the drives to the pool was easy enough, but i dont see my files and folders in the pool. they're obviously on the disks, but they dont show up in the pool. i keep reading something about the folders tab, but i cant locate it. the ui has only so few buttons, i dont think i'm missing something. also the quickstart seems to be written for windows home server, whats different for win 8? how do i get my files to show up? or does the pool ignore existing files and only files show up which are added after the pool is created? thank you!
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