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  1. typewriter

    Read cache

    I recall I read somewhere on the homepage, that clouddrive could be used as (read) cache for drivepool on a local machine. How do I set this up?
  2. I'd really prefer if drivepool would get more development time. The clouddrive is a nice idea but cloudstorage - in significant amounts - is expensive over time, and with standard dsl internet access uploads are slow anyway. Drivapool is you best prodoct. Period. There is one major drawback witb drivepool: Nobody knows about it. It's stable, it's fast - but frankly you guys couldn't care less about promoting your great product. I don't see any user cases, recommendations about hardware for more sata ports etc. on your homepage. Maybe there is stuff like that hidden in the f
  3. typewriter

    Read cache

    I use drivepool for some time now and i am quite happy with it. One thing I'd really like to have - since I use a lot of sample libraries for making music - would be a SSD read cache for the pool - something that works like the fusion drive of Apple where often read data is transfered/doubled on the SSD for better performance. Something like the adaptive caching for your clouddrive. Could we have a caching plugin like that at one point?
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