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  1. Hi Guys I have added the following File Share FTP OneDrive All configured correctly but all the drives are empty? I would think with ftp or Onedrive when connected and created i would see the contents but they are all blank? What am i missing?
  2. Hi Alex / Chris Have we moved forward with a solution on using DP with symbolic links? I have the same issue many have with Plex filling up my SSD C drive. Has anybody found an easy solution i have tried copying it to the pool and doing a registry tweak to point PMS but it does not work.
  3. Hi Alex Sorry that is wrong i open https all day in Chrome my default browser. I have https links on my desktop that open straight in Chrome !!!
  4. Still getting an error sent you an email with screen shot as this does not allow me to add not working ???
  5. Hi Guys Anybody got File History in Windows 8 working with whs 2011 with Drivepool installed? I have been trying for months on WIndows forums with no success!! So just asking if it could be Drivepool blocking File History I have File History running in services it will not recognise any folder on my whs 2011?? Any ideas guys ?
  6. Hi Guys I have run Bitflock before on my Pc as i have a Nest. Recently tried to run it, which it does but fails to show report or update. I then get an error report popup but that fails as well !!!!!! I have unlocked the file and i run as Admin !!!! Error here
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