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  1. Hi Drashna, I loaded the new beta you gave me and the memory leak seems to have stopped. When I start the dashboard, I still get the an error box stating that Drivepool had caused a problem with the Add-Ins and if I wanted to disable it. I just clicked on it and then Continue and it continues to the dashboard. I've noticed that this will stop me from loading the dashboard on another computer. I know it's really not that big of a deal as I can remote desktop to the server. I'm running Drive pool version I did try loading and had the drives from my external drive bay show up twice. One as missing and one as normal, so I unloaded it and installed the add-in as I wasn't sure what was happening. Thanks.
  2. Do you or others have any recommendations for a good SATA controller card? This is just a "home" built server. I'm also thinking for future expansion to keep everything as is and just go with larger drives to replace any of the 2TB drives that go bad in the future.
  3. Hi Christopher, So, after my controller card problems, I decided to load Stablebit Scanner Beta. I started a scan of all the drives and was monitoring it in the Dashboard. After a while, the Dashboard froze. I found on your wiki about a Dashboard freeze and ran the commands to create the Dump. The Dashboard became unfrozen and then closed. When I started it again, I received an error box stating that Drivepool had caused a problem with the Add-Ins and if I wanted to disable it. I just clicked on it and then Continue and it came back up. So, that was a little troubling, as I want Drivepool running more than Scanner. This happens whenever I open the Dashboard now. After all that happened, I kept Dashboard open and when I would click on the Scanner tab, I noticed the memory usage of the Dashboard (in task manager) start to go up consistently, when I switched to one of the other tabs, the memory would go down or stay stable. I'll see what happens when it's done with the disk scans. Any reason you can think of for the memory increase? I can upload the dump file if you would like. Do you have a link for the upload? The one on the wiki seems to be for version 1 or 2 of Drivepool. One more thing I noticed as it's scanning the drives. I have one drive that's "Waiting to scan (temperature equalization)". What does this mean? Thanks again, Dave
  4. It was a Rosewill RC-230, Marvell Chipset.
  5. Hi Christopher, So, the problem ended up being the Sata controller card I had installed to add 4 more drives using a drive cage. I ended up replacing the drive cage first thinking the backplane of the cage had gone bad. When the problems continued, I then thought it might be the card. I ended up removing the drives from the pool and then removed the card and everything is working well. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hi Christopher, Thanks for responding. I'll install Stablebit Scanner and run the burst test. Ok, I installed Stablebit Scanner. Is it supposed to cycle through all the drives every second or so. I keep seeing the lights flashing in a cyclic pattern. I have the Computer Backups folder duplicated. I'm not sure about the Client Backup database. How can I check if it's been duplicated? Are you thinking of restoring from the backup? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm running Windows Home Server 2011 and had a drive go bad. I didn't have any type of monitor plug-in, so I wasn't aware of it ahead of time. Not knowing what was wrong, I rebooted the server and it hung up on accessing the bad drive. I shut down the server, pulled the drive and brought the server back up. I replaced the drive and now when it's running a client backup, the drive I replaced will go missing and I have to reboot for it to be found in the pool again. I've removed the drive when there was no problem detected to see if it could clean itself up. That doesn't seem to have helped. Also, the warning for the scheduled cleanup task keeps showing up. Any help on debugging and fixing this problem would be much appreciated. Running Drivepool 1.3.785 Add-in Thanks.
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