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    johns got a reaction from Ginoliggime in EVO 960 and (possible) bad sector?   
    We've never met but you've been helping me for over 10 years, starting back in the HP EX470 days where your name in a forum thread represented a glimmer of hope.  You're also the reason I went with Drivepool and most recently, gave Scanner a chance.  I get how products are developed, but Scanner just seems like a different piece of software from a different company.  Drivepool is so clean and simple to use and Scanner is, well, not (IMHO).  
    I installed it the other day and cannot get past this error for my NVMe Samsung Evo 960. I installed the drive months ago when it came out and it has not really given me any issues (besides an offset alignment issue using the Samsung cloning software which I fixed with a reformat and clean install). I've been using HD tune, Samsung Magician, etc., but I cannot get rid of this error code in Scanner. I read this post and tried what you suggested to no avail.
    The "damaged" file has changed since the other day when I scanned the drive. Do I really have an issue and if so, what? It just doesn't seem right. I really want to stay away from a reformat as the motherboard doesn't allow Windows Server installs and it was kind of a pain to get up and running. 


    Essentials 2016 is the OS.  Thanks in advance! 
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