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  1. That took care of it. I wonder what happened? Oh, well, it makes me feel better going into the weekend knowing I don't need to deal with it. I will still run the burst test for peace of mind. Thanks as always and have a great weekend! John
  2. Drashna! We've never met but you've been helping me for over 10 years, starting back in the HP EX470 days where your name in a forum thread represented a glimmer of hope. You're also the reason I went with Drivepool and most recently, gave Scanner a chance. I get how products are developed, but Scanner just seems like a different piece of software from a different company. Drivepool is so clean and simple to use and Scanner is, well, not (IMHO). I installed it the other day and cannot get past this error for my NVMe Samsung Evo 960. I installed the drive months ago when it came out and it has not really given me any issues (besides an offset alignment issue using the Samsung cloning software which I fixed with a reformat and clean install). I've been using HD tune, Samsung Magician, etc., but I cannot get rid of this error code in Scanner. I read this post and tried what you suggested to no avail. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/2661-hard-drive-errors-next-steps/ The "damaged" file has changed since the other day when I scanned the drive. Do I really have an issue and if so, what? It just doesn't seem right. I really want to stay away from a reformat as the motherboard doesn't allow Windows Server installs and it was kind of a pain to get up and running. Essentials 2016 is the OS. Thanks in advance! John
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