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  1. I have a MSI b150m eco board with the latest bios and the latest driver installed on Windows 10 pro 64. I have installed the latest stable version of drivepool and scanner, there is no balancing or scanning activated I have a pool with 3 hdds and a seperatly ssd for the os outside the pool, all drives are connected to the mainboard. In windows energy management, i set an idle timer for the hdds and the monitor, the pc is always on. After awhile, the monitor go to idle and the hdds spins down. Now, when i use the mouse/keyboard and the grafic card/monitor goes on, the hdds spinning up. I set various times in the windows energy management, always the same effect. I retry this test many times, every time when the graphic card/monitor goes on, the hdds spinning up, when the graphic card/monitor is idle, the hdds are are idle too. I stop the scanner service, the hdds dont spinning up, i use another software (crystaldiskinfo), the hdds dont spinning. In the scanner-ui, i test various settings, i set "Throttle queries" to 720, "Only query during the work window or if scanning" and i am outside of this window and i set "Do not query if the disk has spun down", nothing help with this problem. Is this normal for the scanner, how can i solve this?
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