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  1. I finally found a solution in the old forum: http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/802/drives-in-pool-not-showing-as-in-pool- Connect to the computer with administrator rights. Stop the StableBit Drive Pool Service. Delete everything in C:\ProgramData\StableBitDrivePool Reboot the server. Note that this process does not affect your pooled data. All pooled data will be preserved. You will need to re-enter your license under the StableBit DrivePool tab in the Dashboard. This fixed the issue for me.
  2. I re-sized the partition of one of my pool drives (without any data loss or so). Now it's no longer recognized as part of the pool, but shown as a new drive that can be added to the pool. The data on it, especially the PoolPart folder is still there and contains my files. What can I do so that the drive is again recognized as a pool drive? Kind Regards, Steffen
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